I enjoy a lot of Cebu Island!

Diving in the blue sea, swimming on the white sand beach, tasting the delicious Philippine dishes and cuisine and mostly, enjoying the Jacuzzi baths and pool that will surely wash away your tiredness. This is a petit resort premises where you can fully enjoy the beautiful sky in Cebu Island.

Aozora Seaside Mactan

Here is a petit resort premise where all the charms of Cebu Island in Philippines are condensed. The location is perfect to satisfy the wonderful landscape and climate of Cebu. At the same time, you can also perfectly enjoy the trip at Cebu at a very reasonable price.

Our place has a private beach that is about 40 meters wide and has a pool and 3 types of jacuzzi baths. Our sea side accommodations are perfect to equip your relaxing time and our restaurat offers different meals that youll surely enjoy.
And regarding on almost all the (leisure) activities which you can enjoy in Cebu island, we also offer and arrange here on our premise. So our accommodations are recommended to all our guest who want to fully enjoy the marine sports and we are giving assurance that the guest will enjoy and all the marine sports we offer here on our place.
After enjoying the activities and having meals, you can relax on our beach. On evening, you will enjoy the different events which will be held regularly. And after enjoying, all your tiredness will be wash away on our Jacuzzi baths and pool.
AOZORA SEASIDE MACTAN assures you that you will be satisfied on spending your time on Cebu island even for one day.

esides, the charm of Cebu island in Philippines is not only the open-minded location which you can enjoy in our premise.
The cheeriness, friendliness and hospitality of Philippine people are one of the charms. We will make sure that all of the guests from overseas will feel "the charms of local people".
Therefore, our japanese staffs are also residing together with many of our local staffs that welcome the guest together.
So, how about enjoying your precious time in our leisurely resort in AOZORA SEASIDE MACTAN where Philippine and Japanese hospitality are being combined.


  • Relaxing pool
  • Relaxing pool
  • Relaxing pool and Jacuzzi
  • Poolside bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Relaxing area
  • Restaurant
  • PUAHELE Diving Tour(Diving shop)
  • Hotel VILLA type
  • From March 2017

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Island hopping, snorkeling and marine sports can be enjoyed.


Don't worry when you enjoy and become tired. We'll wash away your tiredness here in our resort with a villa house style.


Our place has a Philippine dining restaurant where the local chefs cook.


A day use plan that the facilities of AOZORA SEASIDE Mactan seaside mactan can be used. Recommended for parties.


TEL 32-564-2171
international call:(010)63-32-564-2171
Email info@cebu-nikka.jp
access It is approximately 15 minutes by car from Mactan·Cebu International Airport